Terms and conditions of user use

The services subject of these Conditions are offered by Dindarò S.r.l. (hereinafter referred to as "Company"), with registered office in Rome, Via Federico Cesi n. 21, registered as an innovative startup at the Rome Companies Register under no. 14114071005 of Rome, C.F. and VAT number 14114071005.
The Company manages the Dindarò app and the website www.dindaro.com, a social network also called "Dindarò" through which the registered User, thanks to the use of the Lemonway platform (www.lemonway.com), is able to accumulate within the account provided with a digital wallet the coins received as a change of the commercial transactions carried out into the affiliated shops. In the future, Dindarò will be able to implement new services and, through the use of the platform, Users will be able to access further functionalities.
Registration, by entering your login credentials, constitutes express acceptance of these Conditions. In the event that the User does not intend to accept the Conditions must refrain from carrying out the operations of registration, access and use the Dindarò platform. Dindarò reserves the right to modify the contents of the service rendered and of these legal notices at any time and without prior notification.

Art. 1 Definitions

For the purpose of this Agreement the following definitions are specified:

A -Dindarò User (hereinafter "User"): one who registers in the service through the use of the Dindarò app in order to accumulate in its digital portfolio the equivalent change of the commercial transactions carried out at the affiliated shops;
B -Dindarò Business Partner (hereinafter "Partner / Merchant" or "Merchant"): the economic operator who manages one of the affiliated shops and which, through the app, provides to its customers the sums due as a change for the commercial transaction carried out in cash.
C - Lemonway: the platform accessible at www.lemonway.com

Art. 2 Registration

1 -In order to be able to use the Service, it is necessary to install the application on your smartphone and proceed with registration according to the instructions on the platform.
2 -The User acknowledges and accepts that registration on Dindarò requires registration on the Lemonway platform and full acceptance of the terms and conditions of use of the same payment platform. The User must send a copy of the National ID to obtain the opening of the Lemonway account that will allow him to operate on Dindarò.
3 -The User acknowledges and accepts that Dindarò S.r.l. does not manage the Lemonway platform whose terms and conditions of use must be separately accepted by the User and do not bind Dindarò S.r.l.

Art. 3 Rights and obligations for the user

1 -The User must use the services offered by the Dindarò app in accordance with the provisions of these Conditions and in compliance with current regulations.
2 -It is forbidden to:
  • a)Use the Dindarò app for commercial purposes or for purposes other than personal and as expressly permitted in these Conditions;
  • b)Modify, adapt, translate, transmit, publish, transcode, decompile or disassemble the app in whole or in part, or otherwise subject the app Dindarò to other processes of analysis of its code and its logical structure (so-called "reverse engineering" );
  • c)Incorporate and / or connect the Dindarò app, in whole or in part, to / with other programs whose license for use and / or distribution is conditioned to the disclosure and / or distribution to third parties of the relative source code and / / o granting third parties rights to modify them, in a way that also makes the Dindarò app subject to such licensing conditions;
  • d)Transfer, lend, rent, lease, sub-license, sell, distribute, make available or otherwise transfer the app Dindarò, in whole or in part, to third parties or allow its use by third parties;
  • e)Remove or in any way delete from the Dindarò app any trademark, trade name, copyright notice or other notation of rights reserved or contained therein;
  • f)Develop products or software applications based on the Dindarò app that make use of them in any way;
  • g)Use the Dindarò app to develop or spread computer viruses, malware or similar applications;
  • h)Export the Dindarò app or parts of it in violation of export control laws.
  • Art. 4 Rights and obligations for the company

    1 -The data provided by the User will be used by the Company in full compliance with the current legislation on the protection of personal data. The Company will take appropriate precautions to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the information processed in the context of the use of the app and the Service, using measures to protect against unauthorized access appropriate to current technological standards, but will not, however, responsible for any abusive use or loss, alteration or dissemination of information, resulting from causes not attributable to it.
    2 -The Company assumes no responsibility for any problems related to the operation of the transfer of funds or digital accounts that remain the exclusive property of the Lemonway partner payment institute.
    3 -The transfer of funds and the keeping of digital accounts are managed by the Lemonway partner payment institute. All information on the Lemonway Institute is available at www.lemonway.com/en/. LEMON WAY, is a simplified joint stock company [société par actions simplifiée - SAS], registered under the number SIREN 500 486 915, with capital of 867,169.89 euros and registered office at 15 rue de la Beaune, 93100 Montreuil, France.

    Art. 5 Responsibility for the user

    1 -The User will be responsible for the truthfulness of the data and information provided at the time of registration, taking care to keep them up-to-date. The Company can not, therefore, in any way be held responsible for the veracity of the aforementioned data and information, nor, for any errors deriving from inaccuracies and / or incorrect insertion / updating of the data entered by the User. The User will be responsible for the correct use and conservation of his authentication credentials, preventing its use to third parties.

    Art. 6 Indemnity for the company

    1 -Dindarò gives no guarantee as to the absence of errors and / or - with particular reference to the linked external sites referred to in the following paragraph - viruses, nor to the quality and safety of the platform and the software therein, or compatibility for any damages deriving from destructive events connected to access and use of the platform and the software in it.
    2 -Dindarò declines all responsibility for any damage resulting from the use of the contents of the platform and / or from the custody placed in them.
    3 -In particular, the Company will not be responsible for:
  • a)Credits or requests from commercial Partners towards Users;
  • b)Termination, interruption, suspension or limitation of the service, loss, appropriation, theft of data caused by the payment institution agreed with the Company;
  • c)Termination, interruption, suspension or limitation of the service, loss, appropriation, theft of data caused by the Internet Service Provider of the web service that the Company uses. In this regard, the Temporary suspensions of the service due to maintenance and / or technical interventions are expressly foreseen and accepted by the User;
  • d)Malfunctions, suspensions or limitations of the service provided by Lemonway.
  • Art. 7 Fee for the use of the service

    1 -The Dindarò app allows you to receive in digital form, instead of coins, the change of physical transactions made at the affiliated commercial partners and to accumulate it within your account provided with a digital wallet. The maximum amount that can be accumulated by the User for each transaction is € 25 (twenty-five / 00), while the maximum amount that can be accumulated on your digital wallet amounts to € 1,999.99 (one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine / 99).
    2 -Service costs are not charged to the User.
    3 -The User's digital wallet may only be credited with the remainder deriving from a physical transaction with a partner commercial partner.
    4 -The amounts accumulated in the digital portfolio may be cleared by the User on a bank account (so-called cashout) by completing the complete form in the Dindarò app.
    5 -For each transfer made, the Company will retain a pre-established amount set at € 2.00 (two / 00), as a cost for the service.

    Art. 8 Duration and withdrawal

    1 -This contract may, at any time, be subject to change, communicated to Users through email or message on the platform.
    2 -The User may withdraw at any time without prior notice or motivation or application of any penalty, by sending a registered letter to / r. at the registered office of the Company, or email communication to the address addios@dindaro.com indicating in the subject of the communication the words "withdrawal".
    3 -The balance on the User's digital wallet will be cleared by the Company on the IBAN coordinates indicated in the withdrawal notice, no later than 48 hours after receipt.
    4 -The company will retain an amount equal to € 2.00 (two / 00), as a cost for the operation.
    5 -Dindarò may at any time decide to use another operator in place of Lemonway. The User will be informed of this choice and may decide to transfer the amounts present on his Lemonway digital portfolio to the new operator or to his bank account. In any case, the User must autonomously provide for the closure of his Lemonway account.

    Art. 9 Closure of registered user account and removal of contents

    1 -The Company, at its discretion, if it should ascertain that the User has violated any of the conditions set out in these Terms of Service, may prevent further access to the Services provided, suspend or cancel the account.
    2 -The Company will cooperate in any manner and time with the competent Authorities, should the same request information to prosecute any violations committed in violation of the regulations in force.

    Art. 10 Intellectual Property

    1 -All the contents of the Dindarò platform such as - for example - texts, databases, drawings, trademarks, logos, models, projects, codes, procedures, etc. are owned by Dindarò S.r.l. and protected by the current regulations for the protection of industrial and intellectual property.
    2 -Any use, for any purpose, of what is contained in the platform is prohibited, unless expressly authorized or not compliant with these Conditions.

    Art. 11 Variations

    1 -Dindarò S.r.l. reserves the right to change these Conditions at any time and undertakes to inform you, with indication of the effective date of the changes, by email or communication on the website www.dindaro.com
    2 -If the User does not intend to accept the changes communicated, he / she will have the right to withdraw from the contract according to the procedures provided in the previous art. 8.

    Art. 12 Applicable law and jurisdiction

    1 -These Terms of Use are regulated and must be interpreted in accordance with Italian law.
    2 -In case of dispute concerning the interpretation, application and execution of the same or any other controversy that should arise in relation to the use of the Site or app, the Court of Rome will be exclusively competent.

    Art. 13 Privacy

    1 -The information provided by the User constitutes personal data of the same, in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679.
    2 -With reference to the aforementioned legislation, Dindarò S.r.l. is the owner of the processing of personal data provided by the User, in relation to all aspects related to the use of the Dindarò app. The Data Controller uses the Lemonway Partner as an authorized payment institution, which at the time of registration provides autonomous and separate information that must be accepted by the User.
    3 -Dindarò has prepared information on the processing of personal data, available at https://dindaro.com/privacy-policy.html, which must be accepted by the user before proceeding with the creation of the account and the use of the application.

    Specific approval of clauses

    According to and for the effects of the articles. 1341 and 1342 c., The User declares to have read and to specifically accept the following clauses:
    art. 3 – rights and obligations for the User;
    art. 4 – rights and obligations for the Company;
    art. 5 - responsibility for the User;
    art. 6 - indemnity for the Company;
    art. 8 – duration and withdrawal;
    art. 9 – closing the registered User's account and removing the contents;
    art. 11 - variations;
    art. 12 - applicable law and competent court.

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